24 Casual Outfits Ideas to Wear that Will Make You Look Younger


“Age is just a number” is what people usually say when getting older by year. No matter what you wear, looking younger than the real age is what everyone wants. In order to do such thing, several outfits ideas will help you to look younger. At first, let’s start with the color you wear because youth is mostly represented by bright and shiny tones. However, you should avoid outfit with too many colors because it is completely not good style. At first, try white shirt or blouse for formal occasion, including the casual event. White is capable to bring young effect, but it is still classy and elegant. As alternative, you can embrace brighter tone and keep the dark one in check.

The next idea is a little bit radical because you can wear something out of recent fashion. Remember what you wear in early 20s or 30s. Both are the times that you feel free and young. You may never realize that you will go back again after long time. In that case, wear any fashion style that becomes trend in that time. You must take a change drastically to look younger. Everyone will appreciate your effort, even follow what you do. The last idea is to full coverage your entire body. However, it usually works only when you are not confident about your weight.

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