25 Cool Perm Hairstyles Ideas That Will Rock Your Day


The term “perm” is the short for “permanent”, means curls on the hair created by applying curling equipment and chemical mix to make the curls last for a long time (at least 6 month). There are several types of perm that are prominent around the world. The first one is spiral perm. This is a classic perm in which the curls are very obvious and visible. It looks very much like the trendy hairstyle of the mid-80s. This is a great hairstyle to choose if you like to add more volumes to your hair with ease.

For those who do not like perms that are too much on the head, they can try having partial perms. The curls are not covering the entire head. It only covers specific area of the head, especially on the lower area on the back. The curls are still gorgeous, though, and it is great for formal occasions, too. The last perm hairstyle to describe here is the multi-textured perm. It combines the classic perm with all the curls with wavy-textured hair, making the overall look of the hair simply amazing and incredibly sleek. The hairstyle is going to look great with any types of outfits, whether it is formal or casual.

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