25 Layered Medium Hairstyles Ideas That You’ll Love


Hairstyle is a big deal for many women and it really shapes the entire look. Long hair is often chosen by women who want to show off her feminine side. However, having long hair when you have to do many types of activities is definitely inconvenient. Medium length hair becomes a common choice. If you add layer to your hair, you can still bring out your femininity. The first option is giving flicked out layer to your mid length hair. This style is perfect for owners of thick hair. It gives you a mature look while still bringing out freshness. The layer has choppy ends that accentuate the thickness of your hair.

If you want to appear youthful instead, you can try on feathered layer look over the shoulders. It is great for people whose hair is not thick. The style creates volume while giving your hair plenty of natural movement. Do you think pixie look will suit your face even better? You should try medium length hair with bangs. In this hairstyle, the layers are made to thin out by the end of your hair. It looks gorgeous and light. You can also curl your layers to add more texture and volume to your thin hair. It is going to look elegant, especially if you bleach your hair with nice honey color.

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