26 Latest Bob Hairstyles Ideas Trending Right Now


When it comes to the latest bob hairstyles, you can basically find so many of them. Bob is the best hairstyle for short to medium-length hair. They look so good and they are fuss free. You can try having undercut bob. This type of bob is quite classic but still very trendy to this day. It will give you the same length around the head. The best thing about this undercut bob hairstyle is the fact that it frames the face, making the cheek and chin a little bit slimmer.

If you do not like this cut, go try stacked bob. Stacked bob is a little more complicated than the undercut one. It has graduated layers, particularly on the back of the head. It looks so gorgeous and it is going to help add extra texture to the hair, avoiding the hair looks flat and dull. Last but not least, you can try having asymmetrical bob. This hairstyle looks so funky yet so stunning at the same time. On this haircut, one side of the head has more hair than the other side, hence the name “asymmetrical”. Generally, the front side has longer hair than the rest, giving you the edgy look. It seems to be the freshest bob haircut you can find these days.

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