26 Simple Casual Women Outfit for Spring Ideas


In spring, most women tend to look more fashionable. It is because they want to wear any fashion items that they cannot wear during the winter. That’s why cute and adorable outfits are all out during spring time. For those who want to look more on the casual side during spring, they can wear the combination between legging or tight pants with oversize hoodie. This is very simple fashion but looks gorgeous all the time. Oversize hoodie with lavender color or tartan print on it is quite popular during spring time.

When hoodie is not an option, though, those who wish for the casual look can still look very pretty and feminine with midi dress or polka-dot top. They are very prominent to be worn during sprint time. Midi dress is thin, comfortable to wear, and basically flowing. It looks so pretty too and make your figure appears slender. Polka-dot tops are versatile. They can be paired with short jeans and even with miniskirts. Make sure the pants or skirts paired with the tops are more neutral in colors so it won’t clash with the overall look. These fashion items will keep you looking casual throughout the spring for sure.

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