27 Awesome Short and Spiky Hairstyle For Women


Not every girl wants to wear quite long hair or a cute lil’ bob. In fact, even if it comes to shorter hairstyles, not every woman wants to do the neat and curly thing . If you’re the kind of woman that we are talking about, we have a feeling that if you are not already wearing one of those short and spiky cuts, you are going to want to get 1 right after checking some of our favourite ones out!

Short spiky haircuts are becoming popular today. They offer a stunning look while being not so elaborate. Ladies of all ages and livelihood are trying this type of hairstyles out. The biggest reason for such craze for pixie hairstyle is — the minimal maintenance, instant change in overall appearance and flexibility.

Varying on the length of the hair you keep, you can accentuate your facial characteristic also. For instance — those short spiky hairstyles for women are mostly favorite among the ladies who are obsessed with the thought of highlighting their jawline to get a more vibrant appearance. With a long strand sailed over their forehead may add a touch of romanticism.

With the majority of the hairs pointing skyward means you need to say goodbye to other hairstyle such as updo or messy bun you might have opted for with somewhat more or middle length hair. However, such sacrifice will look little compared to the appeal a pixie hairstyle can provide.

Now, have a look at the next short spiky hairstyles that are certain to give to some punk in addition to a jazzy look without cutting the good effect short, naturally.

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