27 Trendy Updo Hairstyles for Short Hair Ideas


If you have short hair, you must have felt struggle to learn how to do the updo styles at some points. There actually plenty of inspiration available online, but majority of them are aimed for people with long hair. It is quite maddening for some short-haired ladies. After all, every woman deserves hairstyle versatility no matter the length of their hair. Worry not anymore; there are many short hair updo ideas that you can put your effort into, maybe with some helps from hair pins.

Headband braid is the first great example. It might work better for people with light colored hair, but if you have dark hair color, don’t let it stop you because it is still entirely applicable. The most ideal length to go with the braid is short bob. Messy curls are another excellent option. Try it by styling your hair with curling iron and pull it into a loose bun. The best thing is you do not need to worry about the neat aspect as it is meant to be messy looking. For more formal style, do a tucked updo. Section your hair layer above the ears then tie the lower part in low ponytail. Put the low ponytail inside the top section and then secure it with elastic.

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