28 Coolest Nail Colors for Winter Ideas


Winter is often considered the dullest season out of the four. It is cold, windy, and sometimes the sun will not come out. In order to lift up your excitement, you can try coloring your nails. This is a nice way to make your cold season feeling more exciting. There are some nail colors that would suit the winter perfectly. If you love neutral colors, you can still do that during the winter. You can choose nude color or pastel pink. However, to improve the festivity, you can definitely add some details to your nails. You can draw some trees on the nail with silver ink. You can also spread some glitters on the nails to make them sparkles. Everyone would love that.

If you want to be rather bold in this winter, you can definitely choose bright red color. Instead of making your nails all black, though, you can use the red color only on the upper parts. You can also draw some snow particle accents with silver ink to make the entire design more fun. Another great color choice for the winter would be forest green. It has deep green color that will make your nails stand out even more. You can pair it with golden glitter for added texture.

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