28 Stunning Medium Women Hairstyles Ideas


Medium-length hair is the most versatile type of hair length. It is not too short; making it is easier to style. However, it is not too long as well, making it simpler to maintain. If you have medium-length hair, the first popular hairstyle you can try is the layered cut. This cut adds more texture and body to the hair, preventing the hair to look flat. It controls the hair easier, too. If you do not like this cut, try having the lob with bangs hairstyle. It is always great to have hairstyle with bangs as it adds something pretty to your face and bring the attention of the viewer’s straight to the eyes.

The bangs can be kept long enough but make sure it is not blocking your vision. Last but not least, try to have long bob hairstyle. Even though bob cuts are mostly used by women who have shorter hair, those who have medium hair can try this cut, too. The bob cut tends to look so good and amazing on all shapes of face, making it versatile and great to go on any occasions. Seen from the style, this haircut is more on the formal side of cut, though. It will go so well with cocktail dress or evening dress.

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