29 Wonderful Nail Art Colors For Spring Ideas


The soft, pale, and nude pink nail polish color seems like one of the trends that are hard to die. Every year, at least we can spot some women with pastel pink nail that it feels kind of repetitive. This spring however, with the inspiration from the Fashion Week, be ready to get rid and replace the basic and boring color and bring out the fresh unique trends instead. You can look into any salon this minute and find out the plenty options of it. From the pressed flower, minimalist style, metallic accent, fluorescent tips, to simple color- blocked, these are going to make you appear anything but boring.

Shimmery paint is pretty easy to pull off with the help of gold or silver ombre with a solid color. It gives off luxurious and elegant vibes; so does the quartz marble effect, which actually is not as expensive as it looks. If you opt for more girly and cheerful feeling, there’s nothing more fitting in this spring season than the floral nail art. Lovely paint of tulips, roses, or lavender will make it looks like the spring has also sprung on top of your nail. For more creative floral version? Use really tiny wildflower and top it with really strong coat.

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