30 Chic Leather Skirt Outfits Ideas You Must Try


If you want something new but still look elegant, one of interesting ideas is leather skirt. It may sound old because leather has been around in fashion industry since long time ago. However, most leather clothes are for jacket, outerwear, coat, even boot or shoe. Chic leather skirt is suitable for women who want to look younger. Of course, you must wear it properly to bring the chic and elegant aura at the same time. At first, simple tight skirt with one or two inches below knee will do what the chic leather supposed to be. This style looks good with high heel or boot. You can also add casual jacket or coat.

The skirt design may have not much variation because leather is thick material. You will feel uncomfortable when wearing long skirt, but the short one seems good option. To look elegant, focus on color that matches the clothes and accessories. Dark tone is favorable, such as grey, black, and brown. In fact, most of leather skirts are black or relatively dark. It looks weird and less elegant when the leather clothes have bright color. In general, leather skirt will be suitable with casual tops. If you wear it for work or formal occasion, make sure to keep the tops as formal as possible.

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