30 Cool Ripped Skinny Jeans Ideas For Men You Should Try


Ripped jeans for men have been in existence for a while, even though the fashion idea originally came from Abercrombie & Fitch and was mainly for women. Nowadays, ripped, destroyed, distressed or tattered denim is all the rave. Ripped jeans have a very casual appeal which makes them the ultimate weekend wear. They’re versatile, very easy to fit and, on top of that, customizable. Correctly ripped denim can be the highlight of a look while at the same time complementing the rest of the outfit.

Torn up jeans are at their best when worn as laid back casual wear. They will work best when combined with a t-shirt and a pair of desert boots or sneakers. Ripped jeans with boots remains a highly popular trend. It will add an edgier aesthetic appearance to your usual outfit. However, it is worth keeping in mind that the jeans should remain the attraction of your outfit so there is no need to overshadow them with different items of clothing. We are trying for an effortless appearance here. Whatever the case, complicating the outfit is only going to make it feel more styled and unnatural. Therefore, if you’re trying to break out your laid-back fashion sense, here are 30 ripped jeans example to get you started.

For casual everyday appearances, opt for loose t-shirts and easy trainers. Bear in mind the taper of the jeans and how it looks in your body all around. Trust your intuition and choose styles that enhance your proportions and features. Straight-cut skinny jeans will add a refined touch and can be dressed up for evening appearances. Also, remember the weather and the sort of skinny jeans you would like to wear. For summer, go for more lightweight and light washed denim and thicker, darker designs for winter.

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