30 Gorgeous Ponytail Hairstyles Ideas You Should Try


Ponytail is the most beautiful type of hairstyle to choose when you have long-length hair. This hairstyle keeps the hair neat and tidy, without making it boring and ordinary. There are more than one types of ponytail. The first one that you can try is the classic sleek high ponytail. It is like the signature ponytail of Ariana Grande with the straight, long hair tied neatly on the back of the head. You can even conceal the hair band by wrapping around the long hair around the knot. It makes the overall look of the hairstyle is all-natural and very good to look at.

If you like more variations on the hairstyle, try to have fishtail ponytail. This hairstyle looks very classic and full of Bohemian vibe. The ponytail is created by pulling the edges of the ponytail to make it wider, resembling a fishtail. For those who want to look a little bit more whimsical with ponytail, they can try having bubble ponytail. The hairstyle is very easy to make, just by making simple sections on the ponytail using elastic bands and then fan out the hair between the bands, creating fun-looking bubbles on the hair. Everyone should try this type of hairstyle at least once.

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