34 Cozy Pleated Skirt Outfits Ideas for Women


There are many kinds of skirts to wear. Among these skirts, women have their own favorites, and it seems the pleated skirts are less popular. Some people think the skirts are outdated. In fact, recently, the fashions start to give more attention to these skirts. That’s why it will be good ideas to have some references of outfits in combination with pleated skirts. Those who have some collections of skirts may try these ideas.

First idea of cozy outfit is to combine the skirt with crop top. A sequin crop top and skirt will bring minimalist look. In this idea, it is great to combine the same color tone, so the two pieces can blend well. Secondly, pleated floral midi skirt is another good choice. When it looks boring to have the plain pleated skirt, floral pattern may bring different vibes. Simple crop top may be added to combine the style.  When these two ideas are not enough, there is still another alternative. In this case, a maxi pleated skirt is the choice. Those who love maxi skirts will love the idea. For the combination, you can wear tank top or sleeveless top. It will bring attractive look, and it is surely so comfortable.

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