35 Hottest Very Short Women Hairstyles Ideas


There is this rather negative prejudice about extremely short hair on women, that says it difficult to be pulled off and styled. Even if some of the assumptions are true because obviously someone with pixie hairstyle cannot pull a Victorian braid or plump chignon, but several more women have already proved that there is more to style than your average next-door-girl hairdos. In the modern era, the style has shifted and evolved from described as tomboyish to femme fatale. More and more high profiles women and female public figures are sporting the look to give you various ideas.

For you who have stunning eyes and amazing facial features, highlight them further by incorporating the very short and bleached hairstyles. Challenge you inner daring and experiment loving self by trying this particular looks. For puffy top lovers, there is this undercut fade with pompadour style, to maintain the hair texture. It matches best with people who have long neck because it pulls all attention from the face. To go with more dramatic style, get a copy of Rihanna’s style by cutting your hair into Mohawk and undercut, preferably with some shaved lines. For more sophisticated style, then get into the Audrey Hepburn’s classic pixie cut. It will make you look really elegant even in simple dresses.

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