38 Classy Vintage Outfits Ideas for Women


Vintage style is interesting choice for women outfit. As you know, the trend tends to repeat itself. Today fashion trend may adopt what have been popular several decades ago. Good thing about classy vintage is eternal trend for the entire life. You can choose outfit from fifty years ago that still looks good for today. Of course, vintage is the term for old, but it is different from retro. In general, classy vintage outfit is the clothes you wear that resemble 1920s to 1950s styles. In that time, women had less liberate style because most dresses were long with length under the knee. This conservative dress is what commonly called as classy vintage.

You can choose this style if you want to project elegant atmosphere. As you know, vintage focuses on elegant and proper manner. You can copy what noble women wore in that time and apply it for modern era. That’s what classy vintage supposed to be. However, being full vintage will create out of place feeling. You may wear the different clothes and look old. This is the side effect you must accomplish. Two results when wearing this outfit is the old or young look. In this case, you can prevent the old vibe with modern accessories. The main outfit is in vintage touch, but the rest of your style follows the recent trend.

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