40 Best Dress or Skirt With Sneakers Ideas


Think that sneakers would only look great with t-shirt and jeans? Well, you better reevaluate that mindset again. Various styles of skirt apparently aren’t less great than a pair of jeans when combined with the sneakers. All-white skirt outfit mixed with similarly white sneaker is giving the modern, chic, yet quite experimental fittings. Denim skirt would never go wrong with the shoes either. Do you want to be fancier? Exchange the denim with solid black leather skirt. Add a blazer or a long coat and you’re ready for the high-end street style looks. For more laid-back vibes, grab the knit sweater and plaid skirt.

For the attractive cool-girl energy, a bright one piece will compensate the sneaker just fine. Pretty flowing floral dresses are also a nice option and would give you friendly girl next door feelings. For dining out in nice restaurant or a date night, pick up maxi dresses with silk materials. Choose sundress for a daylight picnic to go with the sneakers. To keep the sophisticated but rather edgy appearance, opt for turtleneck dresses. Plenty of printed dresses are also going well with this type of shoes, like abstract, animal, or tropical paints.  The futuristic types created minimalist but still elegant look.

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