40 Stunning Glitter Nail Designs Ideas to Beautify Your Nail


In case you were anything like us back in your younger days, your middle school years may have turned you off to anything with even the slightest hint of glitter or shimmer. Don’t let the bad memories of gooey glitter body gel and shimmery body art pens to turn you off to glitter for the rest of your adult life.

When applied with accuracy and skill, glitter can in fact add elegance and glamour to anybody’s appearance, especially when it’s used in nail art. If you still do not believe us, check out our evidence by scrolling through these twenty glitter-infused nail designs for the regular glamazon.

Glitter was created for special occasions. That’s what we think anyway, and when you begin to appear at the huge array of simple and cute glitter nail designs, you will soon find that there’s literally a nail for every event. Whether you like them long, short, square, pointed, or something completely different entirely, simple and cute glitter nails are the way ahead.

Those with a more subdued, classic style can still incorporate some shimmer in their lives. Simply paint your additional nails with a female color like cherry, and glossy your ring finger with a stunning glitter in a color from the exact same color family.

Are you an upscale woman who may live on caviar and gourmet chocolates? In that case, this layout was created for you. Paint your nails in a good shade; then paste caviar-sized beads onto only one nail to make a dash of swank.

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