48 Fabulous Work Outfit Ideas With Sneakers and Look Professional


What is the dream office dress code? Whatever you want on top, and sneakers on the bottom, IMHO. To hell with heels, stilettos or otherwise. For quite a long time, sneakers were worn on the commute or the weekend, but now they have taken over fashion week, street style as well as the conference room. That is in large part because sneakers are becoming a significant upgrade in the past few years and are more likely to be found in neutral, sleek colours, or bursting with fun glitter. But how can you wear sneakers to work and actually pull it off? That is the question.

Needless to say, not all offices approve of sneakers in their dress code, but when paired with a wonderful dress or pant suit, a sneaker can be totally transformed. We have 48 office outfit ideas which you can use from your commute, to meetings, or to post-work beverages. Hello, versatility!

For different seasons there are lots of kinds of sneakers. Make sure you decide on the right one for your office outfit.

When it comes to the fabric you need to know which one to wear when it is hot outside of when your feet will need to be comfy and warm. Wearing fabric sneakers are much better when it is warm. These shoes are excellent for spring and summer as they let your feet breathe. A pair of leather sneakers would be ideal for cold weather like freezy autumn or winter days. For people who love lace-up details and fastening – go for the top sneakers.

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Converse are your comfortable casual shoe but also have some practical uses. These kinds of sneakers should ideally be worn with skinny fit jeans and a casual shirt or blouse and dresses with blazers.

Slip-on sneakers are for those casual office appearance. Perfect to wear with a blouse and a top when low top shoes are ideal to be worn with skinnies. Adding a cardigan for your office outfit will provide you more space for creating new looks not to appearing boring at the office. However, there are plenty of styles and colours to select from so let your style to go as far as you want to.

Wearing sneakers to the office could be the best idea that will make you feel comfortable all day long.

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