51 Lovely Ways To Wear Mini Skirt


When you consider mini skirt outfits, do you think of the mod mini designs of the 1960s? Do not worry, neon PVC mini skirts still stay a thing of the past. Nowadays designers are ushering in a whole new wave of modern mini skirt designs. Modern mini skirt outfits — whether for rock stars, princesses, or professional women — can now show off your beautiful legs in many different unique and sophisticated ways.

Mini skirts are quickly turning into a cool alternative to skinny jeans to show off your legs in a fashionable but casual way. . We’ll show you how you can style mini skirts with stunning, contemporary looks, so keep reading to learn how to wear modern mini skirt outfits.

Like denim, the mini skirt isn’t new, but the short hemline style in jean fabric is definitely finding its way back to the hearts of women everywhere. Take a peek below for multiple style suggestions about how to make beautiful outfits with a denim mini skirt as your starting point.

  • Soft fabrics such as cashmere, suede, velvet compliment any style of denim skirt with a warm touch — this is particularly true for autumn and winter mini skirt outfits.
  • Pair your denim mini with a graphic print shirt and bold-colored bangles and tights. Finish this mini skirt outfit with additional mascara and a natural lip to channel Andy Warhol’s 1960s model muse Twiggy.
  • If the 1970s are more your style, purchase a high-waisted denim mini skirt and shirt with a floral patterned blouse. Complete these mini skirt outfits with a brownish or brownish Mary Jane heel.
  • Do not shy away from denim on denim. With jean jackets and chambray button-down shirts flooding the contemporary market it is ideal to combine lighter and darker washes.
  • Keeping it casual? A plain black or white V-neck t-shirt pairs perfectly with your denim mini skirt outfits. Dress them up with a strappy heels and announcement down or jewelry with gladiator sandals and your favorite sunglasses.
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You may feel that mini skirt outfits ought to be reserved for sunny summer days, but they are actually quite transitional pieces. Mini skirts can be the epitome of fall street fashion with chunky sweaters and motorcycle boots, or professional and chic with fitted blazers and thick tights. Here are a number of ways to wear mini skirt outfits in the fall.

  • First of all, mini skirt outfits were created for heels. Add extra definition into your calves and elongate those legs with a trendy pump or a long-line high heel boot.
  • Do not ditch the mini skirt, but do ditch the crop top. To stay trendy from summer to fall, pair your mini skirt outfits with warm wool sweaters and a belted waist or tight-fitting turtlenecks and trench coats.
  • Feeling daring? Boost those hemlines with a flouncy skater skirt style and pair with thigh-high boots. Or, trade the boots for Oxford heels and knee-high socks.
  • A blue or white button-down collared shirt can go a long way with many different mini skirt outfits. Pair with a blazer for the office, or a leather coat for an alluring after-work appearance.

Now that you have learned how to style denim mini skirt outfits and the best way to rock a mini as the seasons change, it is time to take a peek at some of our favourite looks above. Gaze upon stunning designs from chic to glamorous and from rebellious to flirty. There is a mini skirt outfit for every mood just waiting to join your signature style.

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