Fashion Tips For Short Girl That Will Make You Look Taller


Many short women wish that they were taller. What if I told you that by dressing correctly, you can make yourself look taller instantly. I’m going to tell you how, it’s an absolute passion to bring you fashion tips that make you look and feel fabulous.

It does make a big difference when you know which proportions to wear, because even if you’re not wearing high heels and unofficially making yourself look taller. You can make yourself look taller with the right clothing, here a few are the secret tips that you can use :

Wear shorter length dresses and skirts

Now when you wear a shorter skirt and dress, it automatically makes your legs look longer than they are, and if you don’t like the texture or the color of your legs, then you can simply wear tights and leggings underneath and no one will be the wiser, better yet for a trendy look whether over the knee boot and that too will make your legs appear longer.

Wear slim, boot or wide leg pants

Wear slim leg bootleg or wide leg jeans and pants. Now a slim leg if you get the right kind of slim leg will slightly cover your shoe and so even if you’re wearing a flat or even a little bit of a hill it will still elongate, but if you want to wear heel you can further elongate your look by wearing a boot leg or a wide leg denim jean or pant. What this does is it hides the heel that you’re wearing underneath and no one knows that you’re wearing them.

Wear high waisted

Wear high waisted pants and jeans. I love the high waist because it automatically makes your legs look like they start from here, so if you have a flattish tummy you can take those look further by tucking your tops into your high waistband. Better yet you want to further elongate yourself, you can add a shoe that is the same color as your jeans or pants and you will look even taller than you could imagine.

Be careful how you roll up your jeans

When wearing ankle boots if you’re going to roll your jeans up, make sure that there’s no skin showing. The eye is a funny thing, it goes to where there’s skin so if you have your lit your jeans rolled up and there’s a little bit of skin there, it’s gonna shorten your length straight away rather roll them up, but just barely touch your the top of your shoe or cover it completely.

Avoid wearing ¾ lengths

Avoid wearing anything three-quarter. Now I know this goes against popular belief. Because some believe that you can wear a crop trouser and showing your ankles is going to make you look taller. Actually find that opposite is true, because the eye goes to where there’s skin. If you want to wear something three-quarter, then wear some dark leggings and the same color shoe or boot underneath and that will help to trick the eye. Maybe yet rather wear your length shorter than three-quarter.

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